The Digital Decision:
We are your FirstNet Comprehensive Solutions Team

The Digital Decision, LLC provides industry leading services for all phases of the FirstNet Nationwide Public Safety 700 MHz Broadband Network life cycle. Our unique approach was crafted during the highly successful launch of the nation’s first Public Safety 700 MHz broadband wireless network in Washington, D.C.

Network Build and Mobile Applications

TDD is one of only a very few companies in the country that has designed, built, and operated a public safety 700Mhz wireless broadband network. We are also providing industry leading state, local, and  commercial desktop and mobile applications throughout the country.


Through our nationally recognized holistic planning process we will:

  • Identify your User and Application requirements
  • Develop an As-Is and To-be analysis for your communications infrastructure
  • Identify potential funding sources, write grants, and help with partnership opportunities
  • Perform customized governance analysis which is essential for creating operating procedures and setting application and user priorities
  • Develop required regulatory documentation
  • Develop cost benefit analysis data which is critical for determining the network solution that is best for you
  • Develop recommended operational procedures


Service Offerings

  • Program management
  • Network design engineering
  • Business and operations analysis
  • Mobile and Desktop Application development
  • Land mobile radio communications
  • System integration
  • Communication system verification and testing
  • Training
  • VOIP communications