State and Local Requirements and Analysis

The NTIA FirstNet Planning Grant Program shall assist State, regional, tribal, and local jurisdictions to identify and plan the most effective way to utilize and integrate the infrastructure, equipment, and other architecture associated with the nationwide PSBN.

Not later than 6 months, and in consultation with FirstNet, NTIA must establish grant program requirements, including:

  • Defining eligible costs
  • Determining scope of eligible activities
  • Prioritizing grants for activities that ensure coverage in rural as well as urban areas

Each State shall certify a single officer or governmental body to serve as coordinator of implementation of grant funds. TDD has industry leading experience in 700Mhz broadband network grant application development as well as the network requirement gathering experience needed to meet NTIA’s grant requirements and provide you with the necessary information to make the most informed Opt-In/Opt-Out/Commercial network decision.